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Yoga Retreats

For the free spirits, the wanderlusters, and the adventurous, The Placencia Resort is the perfect place to journey within. Recharge your mind, body, and soul with a Yoga Retreat hosted at the beautiful beach resort, The Placencia. Located in Southern Belize, The Placencia Resort offers the best adventures Belize has to offer in a gorgeous surrounding.

Rejuvenate with a series of small, stimulating yoga workshops that increases your physical consciousness and pampers your body, while heightening total body awareness and sustainable wellness. Nourish your body with fresh, seasonal foods. Rouse yourself through gentle stretches in the spectacular sunshine. Invigorate your body with flowing asanas (poses) that channel your inner power amongst The Placencia’s dramatic seascape. Each retreat is handcrafted by the retreat leader and a wellness expert from The Placencia, allowing us to offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

Contact us today at reservations@theplacencia.com to inquire about hosting a yoga retreat or attending one!

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