SCUBA Diving or Snorkeling - 
Experience the Belize Barrier Reef

Go diving in the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and the second largest in the world! We take you to all of the top diving spots in Placencia and Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef offers all ranges of diving and snorkeling, from shallow water cayes to the Great Blue Hole. Belize offers excellent diving for beginners and experts, the many dive sites offer a range of dive types. As one of the top dive resorts in Placencia, Belize, our PADI dive shop can offer custom diving expeditions with prior notice, contact us at Our dive team is highly experienced and has a passion for providing the best dives in Belize - or anywhere. Whether SCUBA diving or snorkeling in Belize, we've got you covered.

GRAND CHANNEL   Snorkel: $125/person  Dive: $175/person


Snorkel: $125/person

Dive: $175/person

GLOVER'S ATOLL   Snorkel: $185/person  Dive: $275/person


Snorkel: $185/person

Dive: $275/person

THE BLUE HOLE   Snorkel: $300/person  Dive: $400/person


Snorkel: $300/person

Dive: $400/person

RANGUANA CAYE   Snorkel: $125/person  Dive: $175/person


Snorkel: $125/person

Dive: $175/person

Belize Barrier Reef Snorkel Tour   Snorkel: $110/person

Belize Barrier Reef Snorkel Tour

Snorkel: $110/person


Belize is one of the world’s top diving destinations. With The Placencia Resort, a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort, you'll experience Belize’s best scuba diving and snorkeling during the day and spend your evenings taking advantage of our top notch service. We work closely with Belize Underwater's PADI certified staff to take you to all the best sites in Belize, including the Blue Hole, miles of the Southern Barrier Reef, and the best of the Caribbean’s atolls. We dive Ranguana Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll, the Elbow, Lighthouse Reef Atoll, and the Blue Hole. Visit us during whale shark season and we'll take you swimming with the largest fish in the sea!

Although fishing in the protected areas is not permitted, divers do have the option to add spear-fishing lionfish to any dive! These invasive lion fish are hazardous to our reef and you'll be helping the Belize Barrier Reef by catching them. We provide tridents for divers who want to spear-fish lionfish.

Rent your gear from our world class dive shop or bring your own - our guides will set up everything, you just hop on the boat and go! Lunch is provided on all SCUBA and snorkeling excursions. We offer diving certification and specialty lessons. 

We also offer Discover SCUBA, for those of you who want to try diving before getting PADI certified! 

For serious divers, check out our SCUBA vacation packages for the best deal. We offer resort packages and charter options. Deep Blue Charters offer unlimited SCUBA diving at Ranguana Caye, Glover's Reef and the Blue Hole. You can stay overnight at the dive site or just visit for the day.

Any tour cancelled within 48 hours or less prior to tour date is nonrefundable.