Experience belize FROM The BElize OCean Club Resort Beaches to the Village of Placencia

The village of Placencia is only a 20 minute ride from the resort, allowing guests to visit the village while keeping a relaxing atmosphere for all of our guests. Belize Ocean Club Resort offers a complimentary shuttle four times a day so that guests can to explore Belize. Placencia village is full of bars, ice cream shops, and souvenir stores. Feel free to ask staff members for their recommendations and make the most of your holiday to Belize!

If you fancy venturing out, the local village of Placencia has a very cool, chilled out vibe with some great bars and restaurants and there is a shuttle bus provided by the hotel which will take you there. Otherwise the two bars at the resort are great, with a massive choice of cocktails and some very skilled ‘mixologists’ who will make you any sort of drink if you ask.
— Trip Advisor