Medical Tourism

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High costs in medical consultations and surgical procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe have fostered an international industry dedicated to health and beauty known as Medical Tourism. This is where people from developed countries travel to other countries to seek medical care. Most commonly this is people travelling to a country where cosmetic surgery is cheaper and therefore more affordable for them, but there are also growing numbers of wealthy people from poorer countries travelling abroad for better medical care, especially for essential treatments.

The Placencia Group intends to evolve Belize into one of the top countries on the list of medical tourism destinations though the development of The Placencia Medical Center. The Placencia Group is envisioned to create a secluded oasis, exclusively promoting health and wellness, away from the hustle and bustle of Canadian, American and European cities. The combination of the medical tourism facilities and the world-class, five star resort will create a rejuvenating and therapeutic haven for its clients using cutting edge technologies to accelerate wellness and harmony of the body through the provision of invasive and non-invasive treatments. Patients and Guests can recuperate in a highly secure and highly private, luxurious environment with North American healthcare professional managing their treatment, physical therapy and recovery.


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